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i built an owl from old clothes and stuffed him with seams.


october desktop

october desktop

images and icons from pixelgirlpresents.

hello autumn

welcome to my life

chinese stars, chinese stars



last night my friend laura and i started this photoproject called 765. you can see it on lj here or on vox here. i think it looks better on lj, but i am partial to gigantic pictures anyway. so basically, every day we each take a picture. we alternate between self portraits and just random pictures and then we put them together. we barely see each other in real life, so this is a nice way to stay connected.


on october 1st, we went to an apple orchard because my morning class was cancelled. all of the apples were gross, so we picked some prepicked ones out of big wooden bins. finally, over two weeks later, we are finally getting together (with dan and jordan too) to do something with these apples.

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take it easy









i'm really loving of montreal's new cd. 13 days until the show!

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i dont know i dont know i dont know i dont know

i've been feeling sort of strange and blurry lately. here are some pictures.


on sunday i went to my aunt's house for thanksgiving yesterday. my sister made a pie and it looked like pacman. on saturday i wrapped my long scarves around my neck and tried to take them off and they got stuck and i looked like a hippie rasta mon. on friday i went to the print makers forum for school and got a ton of ink all over my hands and under my nails. it looked even grosser when it started to wash off in saturday because it just looked like regular nail dirt. also, my hair is growing and that is always exciting.

oh yeah, and the october picture(s) i forgot about:




i used to be so skinny and then i stopped caring and now i care again and feel gross.

i'm going to play the sims or read a textbook or something. bye.

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i don’t want to die in the hospital



i'm really craving a chocolate orange right now. it's not even december yet. i'm listening to conor oberst's new(ish) cd for the first time. i downloaded the live bootleg or whatever it was a few months ago and i liked it a lot. i'm really liking how finished the songs sound now, but some of them are so darn country, lol. today i'm going to play the sims until it crashes (it's been doing this a lot lately?). then i'm going to make some thanksgiving cards for the dinner i'm going to tomorrow. and i should probably squeeze in some text book reading there. it's nice that i enjoy history because one of the books (the biggest) is all about the history of graphic design. of montreal is in 17 days!

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