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i built an owl from old clothes and stuffed him with seams.



yesterday my mom and i went to the legion for lunch and to see my uncle who was cooking an all you can eat $4 spaghetti dinner. we bought a craft show table for $15. the show is on november 21st, i think, so i have about two months to prepare. i was in a craft show at the same place last year and i barely sold anything. so this year i want to make things that serve a purpose and that can be sold for cheap. like under $5 cheap. when we were eating lunch, there was some kind of old person card tournament going on around us and lots of people had gross old drink cozies. one even had a can of pop in a folded down beer bottle cozy. so i made this today out of felt and fused plastic bags:

monster drink cozy

monster drink cozy

monster drink cozy

monster drink cozy

Little Lion iPod Case

i’ve been thinking about this ipod case all week.

new lion ipod case

i’ve been imagining a sweet little face with little black eyes and a pink heart nose and little round ears.

lion face

i’ve been dreaming about a big orange mane and sweet little tail.

sweet little tail

i knew it wouldn’t be hard to translate this to felt. the pieces basically cut themselves out (the tail fluff actually did; i found it in my cutout felt leftovers pile and it was perfect) but the sewing kind of went all wrong. i sewed the pieces in the wrong order many times and had undo a few parts, after i had already finished stitching them up completely. i had to put it down at one point, and i finally picked it back up today and finished it off.


this case has a double layer of felt on the back because i stitched the arms to the original back, rather than the front under the mane. i had sewn the mane on first, without thinking that the arms needed to be stitched on first so their stitches could be hidden under the mane. i also stitched the tail to the back (don’t get me wrong, this is where it should be, but it didn’t look very good from the back), so i had to put another layer on top to hide all of these ugly parts. i still have to stitch on a strap and a button (another thing i forgot), but for now, he is mostly done : )

little paw

have a happy weekend : )

Supa Kawaii Panda iPod Case + Brooch



supa kawaii panda ipod case

i originally made this to be a plushie. as i was sewing the pieces on, i was thinking it was odd to be making something that doesn’t have a function. when i make things, they’re either pins or ornaments or cats toys, and things like that. everything has a purpose (which is something i’d like to get away from sometime.)

yesterday i just felt like creating and pandas were again on my mind, so i started cutting out two big white ovals arbitrarily. i thought the size was kind of strange – too big to be a traditional cat toy and probably too small to be a traditional plushie. still, i went with it, and after all of the pieces were put on and it was pinned to get sewing around the edges, i wondered if it’d be a good size for an ipod nano.

it was absolutely a perfect fit. it was kind of eerie. i cut out a strip of white felt and found a plain white but cute button and sewed them on so that the ipod could stay safe inside.

i thought about giving this panda to my friend kyle who has agreed to trade me his second copy of scribblenauts for an ipod case, but as i suspected, it’s kind of girly for his tastes, lol. so today i’m going to work on making a nes controller case especially for him.

about a month ago, i made this sweet little panda pin:



it’s a girl because it has a bow : )

i made this almost a month ago while sitting in bed with my drawer of felt and my drawer of sewing things (thread, floss, needles, pins) sitting in front of me. i got a chest of drawers like this from jordan’s mom when i helped them to move. it’s so great for my craft stuff. i can take out the drawer(s) i need and have everything i need right there around me. when i’m done, i put the drawers back into the spots. it makes crafting so much more productive and easy to clean up : ) i’d highly recommend these types of drawers (they’re really more of a deep tray) to anyone who wants to better organize their craft stuff (i saw drawers like this at costco on sale for $25cad last month).

yesterday i was feeling inspired to create and thought about my goals for the spring.


for the next long while: focus on making sweet felt plushies, pins and iPod cases for etsy (the 3 Ps!)

what to make: owls, frogs, brown bears, girl panda (this means a panda with a bow), kites, dragon, cats, astronaut, rocketship, other sweet things!