my name is samantha.

i’m 23, and i make things.


11 responses to “About

  1. How was the knit in public thing at the mall? Did anyone go wit you? I know i missed it – didnt find out till today (june 16). I would have LOVED to go though.

    I dont know if you are aware but we have a group over on raverly (located here http://www.ravelry.com/groups/windsor-on-knitters) come join in. We’re not terribly active but a few of us have met up and knit at the local coffee shops.

    I dont mind knitting in public. Besides for me its perfect. Friends, good coffee and knitting. Is there anything better??

    • ahh, i didn’t see this comment until now! the knitting in public thing was kind of a failure, lol. i don’t think i advertised it enough. one woman stopped to chat for a few minutes, and then one of my friends showed up, but neither sat and knit with me, lol. oh well.

      ooh, i will definitely join that group (i don’t use ravelry as much as i should, though). next time i try to organize a public knitting event, i’ll advertise it there too. thanks for the link : )

  2. 2031 Weird little dinosaurs? Where? I’m intrigued.
    Do you etsy.com your craftiness?

  3. Hi Samantha:

    In a search of Windsor photos on environmental topics, I found one of your photographs on the Flickr website. I am writing to see if you would be willing to grant permission to the City of Windsor to use your photo entitled “sand point”, posted September 16, 2009 on Flickr
    sand point

    The City of Windsor’s environmental web page is in need of an update and it would be nice to feature your photo under Goal A: Improve our Air and Water Quality.

    The web page can be viewed at:

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts by email.


  4. Thanks very much. Yes, I will gladly credit you in an endnote on the page. Please let me know how you would like the credit to appear (e.g. spelling, first name only or first and last name).

    I will be doing the web page update as time permits in between other tasks, so the photo will appear sometime later this Winter.

    Best regards,

  5. Please visit my site for a yarn bomb call for submissions.

    Keep up the good work! YYCAB

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