i’m alive

i’m existing. don’t worry.
my computer is officially 100% dead so i’m basically never online anymore.
i’ve been spending a lot of time reading, playing picross 3d, and creating things with my sewing machine and in my art journals and on canvas.
i’ve found that i’m more productive when i’m not constantly refreshing the internet (really, who knew), so i’m kind of okay with my macbook being an epic failure.

i’ve been missing blogs, though. there’s something about reading blogs that you can’t get from reading fiction. maybe it’s knowing that there’s a real person behind those real words and a real connection can be made if you make contact and interact. you can’t really get that from narnia. (i read the entire narnia series throughout 2010 and i had no idea what it was about before jumping in. i was kind of disappointed when i realized how it’s basically a reflection of the bible. the dawn treader is a fantastic book, though, and the first movie is a masterpiece.)

here are a few pictures of some creative parts of november and december:


we made paper birds on christmas eve


my photos


circle of creation

sr jr

yesterday i bought keri Smith’s new book Mess. i spread all of my stuff out on the living room floor and messed the brand new book up for over an hour. this is Mess next to its big sister Wreck this Journal. soon they will be the same size.

ps: i added some listings to etsy! i’m hoping to get some paintings listed soon, but for now, here are some stuffed owls and ipod cases : )


One response to “i’m alive

  1. Yay my painting!!! :) I love it! Thanks again for painting it for me!
    “i’ve found that i’m more productive when i’m not constantly refreshing the internet (really, who knew)” I love that, haha. I sort of do the same thing, and now that my computer is broken too I’ll hopefully be more creative… (creative block, ahhh!) I loved your wreck this journal (so inspiring!), you’ll have to show me the other book too! and I totally agree about the whole blog thing – I really missed it too, and it’s a great way to become close with people around the world! :)

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