yesterday my mom and i went to the legion for lunch and to see my uncle who was cooking an all you can eat $4 spaghetti dinner. we bought a craft show table for $15. the show is on november 21st, i think, so i have about two months to prepare. i was in a craft show at the same place last year and i barely sold anything. so this year i want to make things that serve a purpose and that can be sold for cheap. like under $5 cheap. when we were eating lunch, there was some kind of old person card tournament going on around us and lots of people had gross old drink cozies. one even had a can of pop in a folded down beer bottle cozy. so i made this today out of felt and fused plastic bags:

monster drink cozy

monster drink cozy

monster drink cozy

monster drink cozy

2 responses to “MONSTER COZY

  1. i think that cozy idea is great! people love cozies !! i have a craft fair too and have about 2 months to get myself in gear… slowed down a bit so i need to pick up the speed, asap!

    you are gonna do great!


  2. Oh this is so cute! I’ve never used cosies (is that how you call them?) but i think they’re adorable! I might even try to make one for myself! :)


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