nighttime mirrorimage otherworld

a little self publication of a piece of prose i’ll be selling at a craft show on friday.



first paragraph


edit: newly bound books, sewn up with embroidery floss.

15 zines

sewn up edges

2 responses to “nighttime mirrorimage otherworld

  1. hi samantha. i wanted to send you an email to wish you a happy birthday, but i can’t figure out what your email address is. so i will be exciting and wish you a happy birthday right here. like so:

    happy birthday!

    i hope you have a great one.

    also, i like how your books have different-coloured bindings.

  2. thank you thank you thank you for the birthday wishes!! :D

    and thanks! i like that too. i was originally just going to use this pale green/blue colour, but i thought that was boring.

    ps: my email address is

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