this is very much a copypasta from the pedoblog. SO WHAT.

this is a blurry little sneakpeek of the zine i’ve been working on:

cover sneakpeek

this is a colouring page spread with a fill-in-able tshirt to add to the fun:

zine colouring page

my zine is about this:

detroit windsor

i’m hoping to have it copied and ready to go* before august is over!

that’s all for now!

*go where? where do zines go when they’re all copied and ready to go? especially in windsor?

2 responses to “EDGE OF THE WORLD

  1. what are you going to do with your zine when you’re done?

  2. this looks really cool, samantha…how’s it coming along?

    as for where zines go in windsor, that’s a good question. i guess it would depend what you wanted to do. you would probably want them to be at places people would most likely see that sort of thing and think, “hmm…reading material…my eyes seem to like you…i guess you’re coming home with me.” i would think places like milk coffee bar, phog, dr. disc…those might be good spots to leave some for people to grab.

    or maybe you could initiate some sort of trading system, where you could trade other people zines that they may have made/contributed to, or music, or art, or whatever they might make of their own. i’ve always been attracted to the idea of artists swapping art for the sake of sharing. actually getting something in the mail back from someone you take the time to send mail to is pretty neat. i’m used to sending handwritten letters and cds to people all over the place, not really expecting anything in return, but when someone takes the time to even write me a letter by hand and pop it in the mail to me, i feel pretty special. i think if someone sent me a zine they made, i would probably start dancing.

    actually, one friend who lives in pennsylvania once responded to a cd i sent him by making me a sort of magazine of collage. he spent months working on this thing. it’s amazing. you kind of have to see it in person to get the full effect. there’s so much going on inside, every time i look at it i see things i never noticed before.

    holy long comment. okay, i should stop now…

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