Little Lion iPod Case

i’ve been thinking about this ipod case all week.

new lion ipod case

i’ve been imagining a sweet little face with little black eyes and a pink heart nose and little round ears.

lion face

i’ve been dreaming about a big orange mane and sweet little tail.

sweet little tail

i knew it wouldn’t be hard to translate this to felt. the pieces basically cut themselves out (the tail fluff actually did; i found it in my cutout felt leftovers pile and it was perfect) but the sewing kind of went all wrong. i sewed the pieces in the wrong order many times and had undo a few parts, after i had already finished stitching them up completely. i had to put it down at one point, and i finally picked it back up today and finished it off.


this case has a double layer of felt on the back because i stitched the arms to the original back, rather than the front under the mane. i had sewn the mane on first, without thinking that the arms needed to be stitched on first so their stitches could be hidden under the mane. i also stitched the tail to the back (don’t get me wrong, this is where it should be, but it didn’t look very good from the back), so i had to put another layer on top to hide all of these ugly parts. i still have to stitch on a strap and a button (another thing i forgot), but for now, he is mostly done : )

little paw

have a happy weekend : )

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