Sweet Owl iPod Case

i’ve been on a felt animal ipod kick lately! i want to make so many of these. more ipods need to be hugged (eaten?) by super cute and super soft animals. once i make like 10 of these, they’ll be up on my etsy ready to be sent to new homes : )

owl ipod case

pre-sewn owl

owl face.

owl tummy


i also made kyle’s real ipod case today. it is a nes controller and it’s probably the greatest thing i’ve ever made. i don’t want to put pictures here or on facebook yet since i want him to see it in person first : )

here are some better pictures of the panda:

love you panda

panda ipod case

i want to buy an ipod just so i use this every day!

2 responses to “Sweet Owl iPod Case

  1. i don’t own an ipod myself (because, you see, i am a dinosaur), but i think your ipod cases are possibly the cutest things i have ever seen. anyone who gets one of those as a gift and doesn’t jump up and down with excitement…well…they just don’t get it.

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