Supa Kawaii Panda iPod Case + Brooch



supa kawaii panda ipod case

i originally made this to be a plushie. as i was sewing the pieces on, i was thinking it was odd to be making something that doesn’t have a function. when i make things, they’re either pins or ornaments or cats toys, and things like that. everything has a purpose (which is something i’d like to get away from sometime.)

yesterday i just felt like creating and pandas were again on my mind, so i started cutting out two big white ovals arbitrarily. i thought the size was kind of strange – too big to be a traditional cat toy and probably too small to be a traditional plushie. still, i went with it, and after all of the pieces were put on and it was pinned to get sewing around the edges, i wondered if it’d be a good size for an ipod nano.

it was absolutely a perfect fit. it was kind of eerie. i cut out a strip of white felt and found a plain white but cute button and sewed them on so that the ipod could stay safe inside.

i thought about giving this panda to my friend kyle who has agreed to trade me his second copy of scribblenauts for an ipod case, but as i suspected, it’s kind of girly for his tastes, lol. so today i’m going to work on making a nes controller case especially for him.

about a month ago, i made this sweet little panda pin:



it’s a girl because it has a bow : )

i made this almost a month ago while sitting in bed with my drawer of felt and my drawer of sewing things (thread, floss, needles, pins) sitting in front of me. i got a chest of drawers like this from jordan’s mom when i helped them to move. it’s so great for my craft stuff. i can take out the drawer(s) i need and have everything i need right there around me. when i’m done, i put the drawers back into the spots. it makes crafting so much more productive and easy to clean up : ) i’d highly recommend these types of drawers (they’re really more of a deep tray) to anyone who wants to better organize their craft stuff (i saw drawers like this at costco on sale for $25cad last month).

yesterday i was feeling inspired to create and thought about my goals for the spring.


for the next long while: focus on making sweet felt plushies, pins and iPod cases for etsy (the 3 Ps!)

what to make: owls, frogs, brown bears, girl panda (this means a panda with a bow), kites, dragon, cats, astronaut, rocketship, other sweet things!

2 responses to “Supa Kawaii Panda iPod Case + Brooch

  1. What did you use to make those?

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