A New Year

a new year is upon us. opportunities to start anew and try different things. to fix the last year's mistakes or shortcomings. to make the best year of your life, thus far. 

2008 was extremely kind to me. i really found what i like and i don't like. i realized who my true friends are. i realized what i want and don't want in life. i really grew up a lot in these last 360-odd days. i made a lot of great memories. i had a brief stint in college on this beautiful campus. i tried my hand at being a graphic design student and soon found that it's not what i want to do with my life. i got closer to this amazing person who i've known for years and who i can't imagine life without. i bought a macbook pro, something i thought i'd never do. i drank way too much at the beginning of the year and could barely drink again until the summer. so i've really learned my limits there. i explored my own creativity and made a lot of art, but i still don't feel like i've completely let myself go, which is something i want to work on in 2009. i also want to work in 2009. i want to start doing something with my life that isn't so self-absorbed. i want to start saving money so i can be creative 24-7 and not be too poor to do other things.
highlights of 2008 in almost chronological order:
-baking rainbow cupcakes with nicole
-marla's birthday party
-seeing movies at the art gallery, and looking at art (durer prints, wow)
-finishing my portfolio (i wish i would have gotten it back)
-wearing heels a few times just because
-teaching dan to knit, knitting in my room with him and nicole, listening to iron & wine
-rearranging the upstairs living room a million times
-knitting a ton of fish for the craft show
-going to RSS' spring play
-hanging out with a ton of my friends afterwards in tecumseh, eating ice cream, jamming to rap music in the car, and playing grounder in a playground at night, dan, steve and ashley in the backseat going "whhhooooaa" at every turn, LAURA HAVING A CAR
-BULLY for wii
-hanging out at the uni with laura
-volunteering in amherstburg overnight in a park, playing wii on a picnic table at 4am, boxing with dan, THAT WEIRD SUBWAY GUY, getting tshirts, all of the rain, seeing the lights of giant boats passing by on the river like 50 feet away, driving there as the sun set listening to of montreal, driving home as the sun rose listening to death cab
-getting a 10k loan for school and buying elaborate electronics (macbook pro, 1tb external hd, tablet)
-listening to A TON of of montreal
-hanging out in my backyard almost every day in the summer. i love eating breakfast on my patio
-going to michigan with dan and nicole to see HEY CHRIS
-going to detroit with laura, britt, shawn and ashley to see DEATH CAB and getting out of the theatre just as the red wings won the stanley cup. holy crap.
-taking pictures of flowers (im not even in to flowers, but i love the pictures)
-driving to comber to see a demolition derby in the rain with my dad, and driving back
-the august party! i really do love all of my friends and how well we all mesh together
-shopping at vv, my mom's birthday party and nicole's summer party all in one day
-riding our bikes home in the morning and hanging out on the sofa bed for the first time
-kissing dan for the first time finally
-sewing in the backyard
-going to the gokart races with dan, my parents and grandparents and getting some neat pictures
-riding our bikes from my house to the bridge and back to dan's
-guitar hero 3!
-OH YEAH ART IN THE PARK! and then going back to marla's to play rockband and NOT SUCKING at the guitar and getting great pictures and sunburns and ahh, i can't believe i forgot to write this because when i think of the summer, i think of this day first.
-going to my first day of college on my birthday
-and going every day until one day a class was canceled and things started to go downhill
-field trip to the printmakers forum
-hanging out at the river at lunch
-waiting for the bus with my giant tsquare
-feeling like an adult
-seeing Michou at Phog SO GOOD
-checking out apartments online and then walking by them in real life to see what they look like
-talking about moving out with dan and creating art all of the time
-so much tetris
-new facebook (i cant even remember the old one..)
-making plans
-halloween party
-cookie party being a million times better, everyone dressing dan up like a girl in my room and taking pictures, beating up nicole
-reading dan's scene and everyone wanting to film it (we must do this!)
-wrapping presents
-knitting a hat
-drawing pictures with words
-hanging out with dan a lot
-animal crossing!
-getting sweet christmas presents
-oh yeah, cutting all of my hair off, obviously
-bringing my giraffe upstairs so i can see it every day
-decorating the living room for christmas
-bringing dan to christmas eve things
-waking up next to him on christmas morning
-meeting his asian family on boxing day and eating jenn's epic vegetable-noodle-vodka cream sauce dish made especially for me
-eating beef stew again
-deciding to transition out of vegetarianism (i really want to try making healthy lean chicken dishes)
-BANANA PEPPERS AND GREEN PEPPERS – in february i tried red & yellow peppers, in may i tried green and in the summer i tried hot banana peppers and i'm so glad i did. peppers are my favourites.
-rachael ray oven fries
-this one er episode that made me cry
-watching my favourite movie Igby Goes Down with my favourite person
-being a lot less depressed more of the time (does that make sense?)
-saving our money forever to be able to get to toronto and back
-being obsessed with skeletal lamping
-having a huge connection with kevin barnes (we are like the same person)
-the green eyeball shirt that dan got for me
-finally being able to read fightclub (i'm going to start soon!) so i can finally see the movie
-OMG HIS DARK MATERIALS SUCH A GOOD SERIES (i still have one more chapter to go but i don't want it to end!!)
-saying, "YOU HAVE TO READ THE GOLDEN COMPASS" like every other day because so much of it apparently applied to real life conversations
-matt leaving for banff (not that i wanted to see him go, it's just exciting that we are all growing up and following our dreams)
-making failed gingerbread cookies with dan
-discovering david bowie
-being excited for the new year
-having a list of positive things THIS long
oh man, i'm in a good mood now.
here's to hoping 2009's list will be twice as long :D

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