so i've been feeling a little down about the complete lack of christmas in my house. christmas is in a little more than TWO WEEKS and we've done no decorating. until an hour ago, there were still halloween things in my living room, and there is still a scarecrow on the front door.

i've been scouring the web for cute and easy diy decorations, but i haven't had much luck or things weren't my taste. fortunately, today the Craft: blog posted a tutorial involving hanging newspaper snowflakes. within ten minutes of reading the How-To, i was cutting up 9×9" squares of newspaper and attempting to fold straight. i made two dozen snowflakes, some of which were made from 3×3" squares. i sewed most of them together, and hung them up as i went. my sewing machine, in desperate need of oil, eventually died, so i taped the remaining two strands together with thread from my sewing machine. 
my mom and i also put up garland and lights around the stair rail, but i didn't get a picture yet.
my mom bought these at a craft show. i think she bought five, actually. they are wooden cooking spoons that were painted and decorated to look like reindeer, and then the maker tied a cellophane bag full of peppermints around their handles so they stand up. they are cute.

christmas is cool. i can't wait to put up the tree.

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