sock hop

i haven't really been doing much other than enjoying my boyfriend's company for days on end and playing a lot of animal crossing with him. i did draw that red guy the other day, though. he is french and in thought. i drew the other one in the middle of the night sometime in october when i was having a strange identity crisis.
since posting last, i have stopping going to school. if you don't already know, i was going to college for graphic design, but i came to learn that i am not into that industry or how it works at all. i am hopeless when it comes to deadlines and generating ideas on the spot. 
i like making art for myself. i like doing things because i'm compelled to. not because i need 30 thumbnails by thursday. school was really killing my creativity and my drive to create. so i just had to step back, take some time to think and reevaluate my life.
graphic design, although nice on the side, is not the life i want to live. when you play The Sims 2 and you create a sim, it asks you what you want your aspiration to be. whenever i play, i choose Family because i think it's the most fulfilling way to live. and it's the same in real life for me.
so i've decided to take some time off from school, get a job to save some money, buy a car and rent a place, and then go back to school for Early Childhood Education.
this is sort of funny for me because in high school, there was always the Teacher vs Designer battle in my mind. i loved my media arts classes, and i also loved my second grade teachers assistant co-op placement. originally this placement was going to be at a design studio or something like that, but at the last minute, i changed it to teaching. and now in college, the same thing is happening.
of course i can still do designing on the side, whether for myself or as a freelance artist. so this isn't Goodbye to graphic design forever. it's just more of a Hello to the life i've always wanted but was afraid to pursue. i've been wondering who i am and who i want to be for many years, and i think i've finally got it down.
everything is a learning experience for me, and everything happens for a reason. it sounds cliche, but it's how i live.

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