do you remember

at least twice a day i say, "i want to put that on a shirt".

so today i was looking at screen printing things online to see how much things are. i think with everything that you'd need to make an image, print it, and clean things up, it'd be less than $500ish. that was like a paycheque and a half when i had a job. i've been seriously considering getting a job again. i'm going to see about getting next semester's tuition back so i can focus on making money and doing things that i've always wanted to do (screenprint, sell on etsy, get my full license, move out). after i do those things, i'll go back to school and get my graphic design diploma. dan and i were looking at studio apartments on kijiji today. there's one for like $400 (1 bedroom is $50 more) and it's two blocks from my school and it has a view of the river. the kitchen looks like a dollhouse, though, lol. i want to go look at it in real life. i think it would be really fun to move downtown and buy a 4 colour press (or make one?) and sell our things online and then sleep in the living room like real artists do. that sounds pretty ideal.

i'm knitting this super secret thing and i'm on row 2 of 62 because i'm lazy and there are a lot of stitches on each row (47 on 5mm needles. i am used to like 3 stitches on gigantic needles.)
i'm listening to the real life cd version of Skeletal Lamping and it sounds so good.
i like how i have a bunch of things to do and i get nothing done. for example, i should probably finish reading this chapter about typography for my design and layout class, but i dont really want to. the test for it was on tuesday, but i didnt even go to school that day, and the class is tomorrow again, so i probably should read it incase my teacher springs the test on me anyway. however, i would really like to read this other chapter for my friday class and do the study sheet because i find the history of things a lot more interesting than the rules of things, but i just keep thinking about the type chapter and how i would be taking time away from reading it if i read the friday chapter. so instead i just get nothing done at all. i am retarded, yes?
maybe i'll read the friday chapter now.

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