A Look at a Pants-Free Nation

this is a drawing i did in the spring. a few weeks ago, i carved the imagine into plexiglass and printed it on a press for school. i haven't scanned it yet. this drawing looks 893493 times better anyway. so i had to write 100 words explaining why this represents "A Sense of Place". here's what i came up with, with some brainstorming help from Dan.

The year is 2010. Canada and the United States of America are now a single nation after total economic collapse forced them to put their pennies together just to buy a Mars Bar from the vending machine. Basic supplies are at an alltime low. Owning a car is now an impossible dream for the entire population of the United Provinces of Canerica. Even silverware, plastic bags and pants are disappearing at an alarming rate. 

In this frightening future, pants are the most coveted item in the nation. They’re now a status symbol, only to be worn at special events like weddings and Caribbean vacations. Pants are to this new nation as furniture covered in plastic is to wealthy Italian households. 

The conservation of pants is crucial to the dignity of this country. This may sound strange to outsiders, but to the people living here, perhaps even you in a few years, it makes perfect sense. You see, the people of the United Provinces of Canerica are a proud people, but they’re also modest. They believe that pants should only be worn in the presence of royalty or pop stars. So 99.9% of the time, the nation’s pants are stored away in airtight containers buried under mothballs, and the population is at school or work in their skivvies, working hard to conserve the pant.

it's sort of longer than 200 words, but whatever. i like it.

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