the cats crawl over

so the weather is getting colder which means i am in the mood to knit even more. all summer i was making these quick/thin/long scarves with my biggest needles and 2 strands of yarn at once. then i lost one of my needles and haven't really knitted anything at all since. 

each year, i tend to make my sister a pair or two of fingerless gloves because they are fast and simple and something to do. but i've never really made myself a pair. i started to make some the other day using four balls of brown and variegated brown, but they'd be too small to fit my hands, so i haven't even bothered to sew them up. i was thinking of knitting some panels and sewing them in, but i haven't gotten around to it yet.
but back to my sister. she always loses the things i knit for her. she's being Sweeney Todd for halloween and she needs some grey fingerless gloves. she brought me one of the grey gloves i knitted in the spring and asked me to make a match since she lost the other. this is kind of sad since i originally did knit them for myself, but she liked them and took them over. back to losing things. i lose things so much. i am missing my 4.5 mm needles, so instead of just knitting her a match, i knitted a brand new pair from a different type of grey and with 6 mm needles. and here they are:

oh yeah, i cut my hair the other night at 5am.

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