they’re not your sister’s glasses

they're not your sister's glasses
not your sister's glasses
your sister's glasses
sister's glasses

today i watched Into The Wild with my sister.
i don't really feel an urgency to disappear anymore.
i've added to the list of tattoos i want to get.
next week FOR SURE i am going to get that i.t. job.
i'm also going to apply for a td credit card on my way home from school on tuesday.
then i'm going to start a new etsy and sell the things i made over the summer.
i'm going to buy some 3.5mm needles so i can make some things for my sister for her halloween costume.
i also need to start playing ddr again or going for walks or something.
i am getting a little round 'round the middle.

i need to draw a shoe first, though.  

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