hey again


hey vox.
i really like you, vox.
yesterday i drew some owls and today i ate a orange popsicle.
is it possible to eat a popsicle without having the last little bit fall onto your pants? 
this always happens to me.
today i ate subway and went to my cousin's for the last fire of the year, or something.
subway is good. i really like banana peppers. i say, "and some of these red ones" to the sandwich maker, but they still give me the yellow ones too. i think one or two times, the maker (artist?) would pick the red ones out, but this barely happens.
i've been thinking that it would be cool to be a mail delivery driver. can you do this as a student?
i asked my parents today and she was like, "why are you going to design school if you want to drive mail trucks?" can't i do both? i don't know, i just don't want to stand behind a counter at some job.
tomorrow morning i have to go buy some fruit to draw. i drew some in class the other day as practice. would you like to see? here you go:
dan said that i am good at crosshatching and dimension or something and that is nice because i hate using pencils and i think i am bad at shading. i also drew a pitchfork a few classes ago:
i'm going to draw something for my printmaking thing that is due on friday. okay bye.

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